Sunday, January 17, 2010


10" of new snow fell in Hatcher Pass this past week, so a group of 6 skiers headed up to the Pass to take advantage of the goods.
Sunrise over the 'Gach.

Our destination was Microdot.  We were in search of deep powder on a run called "Nosebleed."  One of my favorite secret powder stashes in Hatcher Pass.
The Band of Brothers (and sister) on the Uptrack.

This was my view most of the day.  In the back, slow and steady...
The group on top of our run.  Skins peeled, helmets donned, avalung ready, grins from ear to ear.
Looking back towards "Nosebleed".  Sam C and I skied this run in late april last year.

 Greg on our way to the next run.  Independence Mine in the background, and Skyscraper Ridge.

Inspecting my tracks (and LB's tracks) from run #1.

For our next run, we decided to ski a south facing shot off the top of Microdot.  By this time we were climbing and skiing in the sun.  We chose to ski cut this 38-40 degree slope.  It was a little rocky, but certainly worth the extra effort.
Justin ski cutting and dropping in.

Justin cranking turns down the steep couloir.

This one may win picture of the year award.

Jon joining the group.  But at this point things get interesting.  Chili decided to leave the group and make a solo descent of Microdot.

Not knowing his location, we climbed to the summit again in search of Chili Pepper.
Me and Lobita on the top of Microdot (for the third time today).

Eliminating all the possibilities, Marc and I skied Nosebleed again, and Jon skied the south side in search of the Chili Dog.
Me and LB finding the stash of goods.

Marc skiing the Rock Garden (aptly named)

Justin heading out after skiiing a lower elevation chute off of "Microbump".

The total annihilation of Microdot.  Lobita and Hannah make their way back to the cat track.

This one may capture it all:  "Where's Chili?"

All ended well.  Chili ended up following the guys from HatchYourTrax back to the parking lot.

Lots of blue and white made for a pretty stellar day in the Talkeetna Mountains.

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