Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fresno Ridge

No...not the Bay Area.

I took the newbie down to the Summit Lake area for a little exploratory touring. I didn't exactly know the beta on the route, so we had one hell of a bushwhack. The skiing was decent. They had about 12" of base, but the top ~6" was nice and light. Another foot of snow for the southcentral region and we'll be doing good.

Ryan on the skintrack with Manitoba Mountain in the background.

Nice views with the upper Summit Lake area lit by the afternoon sun.

Dogface on the uptrack.

Not sure what this peak is called. I think something back here is called "Spiritwalker"??

Ryan getting his first powder turns. Denali and Lobita close behind.

Ryan laying waste to fresh powder.

Ski it if you can...

And if you can't, this is what it'll look like...


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