Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Sunnyside

Ahhh yes, the Sunnyside. This is probably the best time of the year to ski the "motorized" side of Turnagain Pass, also known as the sunnyside. It needs about 30" of snow to be ridable for a snowmachine, so we need a couple more big dumps until the USFS opens it up to all of the slednecks.

Jon Page and I left Eagle River around 0900 and were pretty sullen as we drove through Portage looking at the nuking winds coming off of Carpathian and the surrounding peaks. We hit up the Sunburst parking lot and found similar conditions, 15 degrees F ambient temperature with wind gusts into the 40mph range. So we headed to the weather station and decided to take a tour.

As with all early season conditions, you have to manage the alders until they get beat down.

Alderbashing. Chili and Hannah wait.

It started out with the sun shining on the Sunnyside. This is looking across the highway to the "non-motorized" side. Tincan ridge (center) and Eddies (right).

Another good look at Tincan. The run from the top is known as "Todd's Run." Usually not skiable unless we have bomber conditions. I guess some folks already tagged it this year...

Looking down the entire length of Turnagain Pass

Jon thrashes the breakable crust and blower pow. Hannah and Chili are on his heels.

The reward. Nacho Supreme, Chicken Wings, and beer at Chair 5 in Girdwood.

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