Monday, November 9, 2009

First Turns of the Year...(and a little Packrafting)

Its been a while since i've been on the snow....but its good to be back on the Uptrack...

My last ski day was May 15th when I skied the S-Couloir with Todd Kelsey. But to replace all those endorphins over the summer months, I discovered Packrafting. I've only been rafting for about 4 months, but have managed to float all of the major rivers/runs in the Anchorage area.

Last night the Anchorage bowl received about 4" of white stuff, so I headed up to Arctic Valley for a quick after work shot. It was an awesome sunset, but no views of the Tordrillo's or Neacola's.

But I skinned to the top of the mid-mountain lift and this is what I found. Anchortown backlit by the sunset.

Gordon Lyon and Tequila Bowl shown in Alpenglow. Now I know why they used to call this place Alpenglow.

Looking into Ship Creek Valley. Speaking of Ship Creek...hopefully a packraft destination next season.

And my favorite shot of the night.

But I did promise some packrafting.

Tim Johnson (my brudda...) and I headed down to Six Mile Creek on Sunday. The rest of the crew got the goods with their new leg straps on Saturday.

Ambient Air Temp: 27 F
Weather: mostly cloudy skies, light snow (what a day for rafting!)

Check out the video Tim made. I had my first successful run of "Staircase", but got bandersnatched on "Merry-go-round". Lots o fun...


Blogger spanman said...

Bet that water was "Refreshing"

November 10, 2009 at 1:11 PM  

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