Friday, November 27, 2009

Tincan Storm Day

November Snow Totals:
23 Nov: 30"
27 Nov: 36-48"

The only logical place to ski is Tincan. Low angle tree skiing.

But there is one problem. It is the Friday after Thanksgiving and everyone has the day off. It looked like the tram dock at Alyeska on a powder day.

The parking lot of Tincan Ridge. We were even greeted by the snow machiners....yay!!

What are all the snowboarders doing in the front? We had to shovel out the skintrack and then break trail with our skis. It was exhausting...

Lobita and Sam in the rear waiting for their turn to break trail.

The Chilkoot Trail just above tree line. It was snowing sideways.

Sam getting ready to break through the next portion of deep pow.

The dogfaces in tow. Yeah they had a rough day if they went off trail.

We skied with another group of 4 or 5 who didn't do any of the work. As seen below, this dude augered in trying to get farther down the slope. This is what a sitzmark looks like in 3 feet of snow....


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