Monday, November 23, 2009

Independence Mine

It was Meg's first day on skis, and subsequently her first day in the backcountry.

We took it pretty mellow, and headed up to Hatcher's Pass and toured around the Independence Mine area. It was an easy skin to get the ski legs back under us, and we hit some nice shallow fluffy powder on the way back to the main groomed road.

Here is a pic of just 1 week ago, when we snowshoed and it was -1F, and a slight breeze. Lobita was in full "anti-cold" attire with her hoodie and booties.

She was like Michael Jackson, 3 blaze orange booties, and 1 black bootie.

It was much more bearable this week. 27F and no wind. Lots of classic and skate skiers - to include our friends Marc & Gayle and Jon & Jessica (and Hannah & Chili)

Meg makes her way up to the visitors center.

Meg poses for a quick shot in her new hat. C'est un beau chapeau....(that's right suckas I know French!)

Dogface (AKA Lobita) sits intently while we enjoy our hot cocoa on a well placed rock adjacent to the visitors center. We watched all the 16 year old skate skiers from APU. Damn they make that sh*t look easy!

Next was the way down. Super easy and un-eventful. Good to get our ski legs back under us on a nice mellow groomed slope.

"Bring on the powder" --Meg

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