Thursday, November 26, 2009

2nd Annual Turkey Turns 2009

I must say, there was a pretty good showing for the 2nd Annual Turkey Turns 2009. We had a total of 7 BC Skiers, and 2 Skinny Skiers.

Since the intent is to go close to home in order to be home by dinner, we all met up early and drove out to Hatcher's Pass. The light was flat, weather not too cold, and a bit windy.

We found a nice shot of powder on a low angle run called "Thousand Dollar Run". We took a peek at April Bowl, but the winds were nuking pretty good up top and looked pretty wind loaded.

The gang consisted of Marc, Greg "Doc", Russ "Big", Craig "Derfum", Sam C, Bernadette. All photo credits go to Sammy C as he brought his BA camera. He is filling his collection for the shelves of "Lost in AK Photography".

We make our way up the spine of Hatch Peak. Jack is doing the route finding...

Taking a break after the first pitch. Flat light makes the terrain features quite difficult to read.

Looking intently at the carnage. I recall Marc and Russ hitting the "death cookies" with their nice precious skis. I say "Tools not Jewels".

Enjoying the low angle run and wind protected powder stash.

Happy Turkey Day. Now time for food and beer.

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dope pics, who tha **** tok those?

December 1, 2009 at 7:39 PM  

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