Thursday, April 16, 2009


This one is certainly "blogworthy." I've been jones'ing to ski this shot called "Nosebleed" all year, which is the northern aspect of Microdot.

I was a little concerned. The ash from Mount Redoubt pretty much zapped all southern aspects. The climb was a little disheartening, but the reward was great.

This is what we found. (note it is the 16th of April)
I now present "Nosebleed." It had already been skied by a party of 3, but there is plently of snow to go around. This is the summit of Microdot, and the line going down and to the left.

Making my way to the top.

Dropping in with Jasper, Jack, and Lobita close behind.

Gaining confidence and letting it rip. Knee deep at the end of April.

An overall shot of the run looking out into Archangel valley.

Sam catches a pic at the end of the run.

Of particular interest...we saw a party of 3 snowboarders ski the Rae-Wallace Chutes and trigger an avalanche from the top. You can make out the two remaining skiers at the top, and the powder blast at the bottom.


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