Friday, January 15, 2010

North Bowl

Since skiing is always better than working, fellow co-worker Justin and I headed to my local favorite - North Bowl.  No stranger to the BC, he and I linked up at Jitters for some Java and then headed to the South Fork Trailhead.
It always seems to be windy in the SoFo, and today was no different.  Climbing was interesting with some wind buffed powder and pizza-box-like crust underneath.
Justin leading the climb.  He needed to earn this secret powder stash.

Once we gained the ridge, we had some nice views of the peaks surrounding Eagle River proper.

Climbing up the final pitch.  Winds increasing.  Site Summit and Arctic Valley Ski Area in the background.

Justin getting ready to drop in.

The conditions were better than I expected.  Boot top wind buffed powder, and no core shots!  I'll take that any day.  Skiing is skiing!

Dogface drowning in the recent powder blessing from Ullr.  She sure knows how to point it!

Looking back at our tracks from the saddle.

Not a bad tour and powder stash for a Friday morning.  2.5 hours roundtrip back to the truck.
Nobody makes me ski, i'm a volunteer.


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