Saturday, April 18, 2009

Champagne Brunch - 25th Anniversary

On the third Saturday of April, the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol hosts the "Formal Champagne Brunch." Yes I said formal, as in formal attire required. Most women wear a dress of sorts, most men wear a tie or a tuxedo. Unless your Sam, and you have your Grandfathers old tie...

Our gang made the 45 minute trek, with sleds in tow, up into the Rae-Wallace Bowl, and began to construct our table - a 20 long table made of snow complete with benches.
The walk on the way up. Me towing a sled.
The Crew. L to R: Meg, Sophie, Gayle, Matty.
Into the Rae-Wallace bowl with the peaks in the background. On the right is Eldorado Bowl, center is Hatch Peak.
Meg claiming victory. Now she can take her skis off.
Enjoying Gretchen's 7-layer taco dip.
Everyone enjoying the day. A snow storm would move in, but clear blue skies would prevail.
Everyone posing for a quick pic.
After the weather cleared, we headed up for another run.
Looking across the bowl to our camp.
Ripping it up with my lady right behind me.

Gretchen getting ready to drop the knee. I am the little dot on the lower left.
Yes, Meg getting her mandatory turns.
Marc enjoying the sun with Jack and Jasper watching intently.

The parting shot...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


This one is certainly "blogworthy." I've been jones'ing to ski this shot called "Nosebleed" all year, which is the northern aspect of Microdot.

I was a little concerned. The ash from Mount Redoubt pretty much zapped all southern aspects. The climb was a little disheartening, but the reward was great.

This is what we found. (note it is the 16th of April)
I now present "Nosebleed." It had already been skied by a party of 3, but there is plently of snow to go around. This is the summit of Microdot, and the line going down and to the left.

Making my way to the top.

Dropping in with Jasper, Jack, and Lobita close behind.

Gaining confidence and letting it rip. Knee deep at the end of April.

An overall shot of the run looking out into Archangel valley.

Sam catches a pic at the end of the run.

Of particular interest...we saw a party of 3 snowboarders ski the Rae-Wallace Chutes and trigger an avalanche from the top. You can make out the two remaining skiers at the top, and the powder blast at the bottom.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

CPG Snow Cat Terrain

For Marc's birthday, his wife Gayle got him (us) a day of snowcat skiing in Girdwood. Their terrain is just outside of Alyeska and consists of mountains Notch Mtn and Sunnyside Mtn.

The token photo in front of the snowcat. No, we did not coordinate our outfits.

Marc goes face deep in to the 12" of fresh maritime powder.

Marc workin' it...

Me on our first run. Visibility wasn't that great.

Me skiing a run called "silk." We also skied "satin" and the "thong." No really, i'm not being stupid.

Posing with the snowcat driver. It was raining by this time at sea level. But full of fresh face shots on the top.

We skied a total of 9 runs, and 11,500 vertical feet.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tequila Bowl

This is Meg's 3rd day in the backcountry (compared to my 63rd!), and she did awesome.

Meg makes it to the "saddle" between Mount Gordon Lyon and Rendezvous Peak.
A pic of Meg and I overlooking the South Fork, Eagle River Area.

Meg poses for a shot with the scenery in the background.

Meg tears up the fresh snow like an extreme skier from a Warren Miller flick. This is one of my most favorite pics of the year. Prouda you!
On the way out - with LB close behind.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mountain of the Year - Eddie's

I've deemed this "Mountain of The Year" because of the numerous stellar ski days i've had skiing Eddie's.

I didn't think we'd find powder, but this was the view on the way up. We had this entire mountain to ourselves, with absolutely no tracks. Our tracks were the first to be laid.

Sitting at the top of Eddie's waiting for the aforementioned pow. My BFF next to my side.

Layin' waste to said powder...

Dog train on the skin track.

Me ripping it up with the Turnagain Arm in the background.

Stellar photo of Gretchen dropping the knee and committing to the steep rollover.

Sam drops the knee.

Meadow skipping on our way back to the car.

Back at the car...dogfaces poised for oncoming coma.