Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Black Prospect

I can honestly say that this past week has been the best week of skiing this year.  I somehow managed to ski 4 out of the last 7 days.  After three days in a row enjoying the plentiful powder of the South Fork (usually i'm saying boilerplate windslab), Breal and Seff joined me on a Hatcher Pass slog fest.

The day started out pretty cold, 5F at the Indy lot, but the sun was shining - Mr. Cody sportin' his drool full circle.
Our objective was to ski the west face of Gold Cord, and then head up to Friendship Pass.  With some sketchy conditions, we bailed on the Gold Cord attempt due to collapsing weak layers and shooting cracks.  And it was probably a good choice, lots of fat pillows on the west face when we toured through.

We headed up to Friendship Pass instead to check out the conditions.  Breal snoopin' and poopin'.
Breal slashing the Black Prospect.  Although I don't think this is the exact line through the mining claim, I would call this line and adjoining lines by this name.  There are a bunch of micro terrain features, chutes, spines and the like.  This funnels into Dogsled Pass.
Seff contemplates what he is about to do.
The slashfest ensues...
We skied to the valley floor, and then back up over the pass - a nice long run back to the cars.
And what would a ski outing with a couple of Mick's (myself included) be without an Irish Car Bomb?
Here's are tour map.  Many options skiing in and around the Black Prospect.  But if you have a sno-go, its super easy.  Brrraapppp!  Brrraapppp!

I extend my sincere condolences to Meesh - for missing the powder pursuits and working like a 9-to-5'er like the rest of us.

This has been one hell of a run.  Cold smoke in April!  I've got the CrossFit Level 1 cert next weekend, and then to the cabin for some work.  I'll update as I can.  Ski fast and take chances!


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