Friday, January 29, 2016

The Ski Lyfe

It's been a hot second since i've been in the mountains. Local pow slayer and expert "relocator of LB's", Haymitch, and I agreed for a short tour last Saturday to work out the kinks and check conditions in the Chugach Front.
Looking down the South Fork Valley.
It was literally like I forgot what I was doing. My boots had dust on them, I wasn't sure if my skins would stick, the batteries in my beacon were dead, my pack had a half eaten Snickers from two seasons ago, and the bottom of my skis looked like the surface of the moon.

After spending all of last season in the Lesser 48, and the season before that taking care of my family, it was good to be on the snow moving uphill.  Regardless of the ski conditions, the company and the majestic views always keep me coming back.

On the Uptrack.  Looking back into the SoFo Valley.
Surprisingly, the snow quality was much better than expected.  Our #squadgoalz didn't exactly match up, so we cut our tour a bit short and opted for the locals powder shot.  As usual, it didn't disappoint.

I call this a twofer. Meesh and I visited the Chugach Strength Factory following our quick ski tour for some functional fitness.  Aint nuttin' wrong with some snatch n' grabs followed by a few rounds of partner "Cindy".
Meesh going below parallel.
Although life priorities often conflict with bluebird powder days, I still have plans to get after it whether that's on the river, at the cabin, in the mountains or out in the garage gym.  In the meantime, i'm busy raising my future backcountry ski partner.
Miss Ellie
Until then, get out there and get after it.  Don't forget to ski fast and take chances!