Saturday, April 18, 2009

Champagne Brunch - 25th Anniversary

On the third Saturday of April, the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol hosts the "Formal Champagne Brunch." Yes I said formal, as in formal attire required. Most women wear a dress of sorts, most men wear a tie or a tuxedo. Unless your Sam, and you have your Grandfathers old tie...

Our gang made the 45 minute trek, with sleds in tow, up into the Rae-Wallace Bowl, and began to construct our table - a 20 long table made of snow complete with benches.
The walk on the way up. Me towing a sled.
The Crew. L to R: Meg, Sophie, Gayle, Matty.
Into the Rae-Wallace bowl with the peaks in the background. On the right is Eldorado Bowl, center is Hatch Peak.
Meg claiming victory. Now she can take her skis off.
Enjoying Gretchen's 7-layer taco dip.
Everyone enjoying the day. A snow storm would move in, but clear blue skies would prevail.
Everyone posing for a quick pic.
After the weather cleared, we headed up for another run.
Looking across the bowl to our camp.
Ripping it up with my lady right behind me.

Gretchen getting ready to drop the knee. I am the little dot on the lower left.
Yes, Meg getting her mandatory turns.
Marc enjoying the sun with Jack and Jasper watching intently.

The parting shot...


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