Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Two Bowls

Scott Fennell once told me, "March in Alaska is the reward for December in Alaska".  And boy is this true.  With the recent turn of the clocks forward, daylight savings time has given us an extra hour to enjoy the sun, blue skies, and snow.

I rallied after work today to the end of Hiland Road to find empty streets and mountains full of powder.  ER local thrashette Bernadette met me for some turns and quickly left me in the dust on the uptrack.

Our objective was the lookers left gully off of Harp proper, but it got pretty skied out on the last bout of snowfall.  So we hopped over the ridge to the north.  Although the top had some stiff wind board, the gut gave way to soft snow on a stable base.

B earnin' it...
 LB earnin' it...
Looks like a nice window of clear and cold for the next couple of days.  So stop reading internet blogs and go skiing.  And be sure to ski fast, and take chances.


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