Thursday, August 28, 2008


An after work hike takes me to Wolverine Peak, on the front side of the range and into Anchorage. Starting from the Prospect Heights Trailhead, it is a 5 mile hike to the summit; making a 10 mile round trip. It was cloudy and socked in on the summit.

After linking up with some friends, it was time for the descent. It cleared up on the way down, with a good view of Anchorage and the peaks on the other side of Cook Inlet.

With a brisk pace, we ran the last mile of the trail. Total hiking time round trip was just under 4 hours. Total distance is 10 miles.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Temptation Peak

I figured I would start this website with a rarely traveled Chugach Peak - Snowhawk Valley and Temptation Peak. Located on Fort Richardson property, the Upper Snowhawk Cabin is located 6 miles from the trailhead back in the Snowhawk amphitheater. We bagged Temptation on Saturday night, with awesome views of the Ship Creek Valley.

The cabin had everything you need for a weekend outing, complete with stove, sleeping bags, food, etc. I awoke early Sunday morning to absolute epic views of Denali and the peaks of the Alaska Range.

After breakfast and packing up our stuff, we headed to Kanchee Point. The clouds quickly engulfed us and we got socked in up on the ridge line. We decided to head back instead of continuing to Knoya Point. We retrieved our packs and headed out of the valley 5.5 miles through the Devils Club, Cow Parsnip, and mud holes to the trailhead.

The Snowhawk Valley will definitely be a spring skiing destination!!

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