Sunday, March 23, 2014

Chugach Dawn Patrol

We rallied early.  Local powder extraordinaire Meesh and I linked up at the AVSA parking lot just before 8am.  With the objective of the shady north aspects of Gordon Lyon and the Nike Missile silo ridge line, we made quick time up Center Bowl.  Although the refresh gave us 14" of soft snow, the wind did some damage and built some pretty sizable wind slabs.
"Meesh just changed his cover photo..."
There was quite a temperature inversion, so we were enjoying the sunshine and gentle breeze.  We decided to live to ski another day, and treated those wind loaded slopes with respect.  Each entrance we scouted had some pretty deep gnarly looking slabs guarding them.  So we skied back down Tequila Bowl - which was very good considering the recent weather conditions.  Despite a few tracks, we found soft snow back to the cat track.

Two MNSBC Kodiak Brown's were strategically placed in the bed of my truck, which tasted really good at the crack of 10am on a Saturday.

A "rex block" is currently giving us lots of bluebird days.  I expect to see some huge lines put down as the CNFAIC has issued a "LOW" avalanche danger.  The Shrink and I are going to ski some corduroy at the resort.  Stay safe fast, take chances!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Two Bowls

Scott Fennell once told me, "March in Alaska is the reward for December in Alaska".  And boy is this true.  With the recent turn of the clocks forward, daylight savings time has given us an extra hour to enjoy the sun, blue skies, and snow.

I rallied after work today to the end of Hiland Road to find empty streets and mountains full of powder.  ER local thrashette Bernadette met me for some turns and quickly left me in the dust on the uptrack.

Our objective was the lookers left gully off of Harp proper, but it got pretty skied out on the last bout of snowfall.  So we hopped over the ridge to the north.  Although the top had some stiff wind board, the gut gave way to soft snow on a stable base.

B earnin' it...
 LB earnin' it...
Looks like a nice window of clear and cold for the next couple of days.  So stop reading internet blogs and go skiing.  And be sure to ski fast, and take chances.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Presidents

Sucker Hole (n): a fleeting patch of blue sky in an otherwise overcast sky.

Despite significant snow accumulation in the Anchorage Bowl (reports of nearly 22" on the Hillside), I did the reverse commute from our Talkeetna palace to Hatcher Pass to meet my brutha from anotha motha - Vance.  Hopefully some after work ski outings will bring face shots and blue can call me whatever you want, but don't call me late for dinner.

We parked it at the Archangel lot after doing a recky of the Indy lot.  We decided to head back down the pass after seeing the carnage on the west face of Marmot and other slopes.  With clear skies and cold temps, we were underway.  About mid mountain we were greeted with fast moving clouds and flurries making the uptrack rather difficult.

As we topped out, the view improved, said sucker hole appeared, and we peeled just below the summit that overlooks the Rae-Wallace bowl.

Vancy Pants slashing...

 Yours truly with LB in hot pursuit.  Making nice with dust on crust with pockets of enjoyable.
The day ended with some Kodiak Brown's on the tailgate and soaking in that sunshine.  We also caught up with Eddie from HYT.

I apologize for the lack of content....well not really; but i'll get back in the saddle once life calms the eff down.  Until fast, take chances.