Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bring Your LJ's

Hey backcountry skiers, friends, and family.  It's been a while since an update on this blog.  Our summer has come and gone, ushering in yet another ski season. Highlights from this summer were some much needed improvements at the cabin to include a wood shed, final grade and a deck (or porch if you ask the Shrink).

In other news, it seems that Mitch from Telemark Tips has pulled the plug.  That was a good place for local AK stoke, as well as what the skiing, riding and avalanche conditions were like.  And a good bit of asshattery.  I wonder if the TGR forum has an Alaska page?

Friday was my first day out this year.  It was a tad bit chilly, -7F showing on the Indy Mine SnoTel.  But that didn't stop anyone from enjoying the white stuff.  We joined the masses and enjoyed the sunshine on the uptrack to Marmot.  I dropped a random gully on west facing Marmot to be pleasantly surprised.  Nearly knee deep, nice and soft, with no crust underneath.  Seemed like many others enjoyed the goods that HP consistently offers...

We stopped at the Fishhook Bar on the way home.  Alaskan Winter Ale on tap, and homemade apple pie.  It was $FREE.99.  Can't beat that.

I took the dogs out today to the South Fork, Eagle River trailhead.  It was pretty disheartening considering the snowpack and it's already December 1st.  Hopefully we get some big dumps our way soon.  Until then, stay tuned, ski fast and take chances.


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