Saturday, April 11, 2009

CPG Snow Cat Terrain

For Marc's birthday, his wife Gayle got him (us) a day of snowcat skiing in Girdwood. Their terrain is just outside of Alyeska and consists of mountains Notch Mtn and Sunnyside Mtn.

The token photo in front of the snowcat. No, we did not coordinate our outfits.

Marc goes face deep in to the 12" of fresh maritime powder.

Marc workin' it...

Me on our first run. Visibility wasn't that great.

Me skiing a run called "silk." We also skied "satin" and the "thong." No really, i'm not being stupid.

Posing with the snowcat driver. It was raining by this time at sea level. But full of fresh face shots on the top.

We skied a total of 9 runs, and 11,500 vertical feet.


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