Sunday, September 13, 2009

Matanuska River - Lion's Head

With ski season approaching quickly, we decided to make the most of the fall weather and head out to the headwaters of the Matanuska Glacier for a packraft adventure.

The obligatory pre-gnar picture (L to R): Matt, Marc, Doc (aka. Greg)

We decided to run the whitewater section of the Matanuska River called "Lion's Head", named for the large massif of rock you encircle before you hit the first rapid...aptly named "Greg's Hole."

Passing Lion's Head, and on our way to the first rapid.

The colors were just about at peak.

Me thrashing through a section of the river. Oh wow, look i've got a paddle!

I've still got it...

We saw LOTS of bear prints, but no bears.

A video of Doc and I running "Pearly Gates" (click here). Marc would later swim this rapid. Good practice.

Dumping water out of our boats and topping off...usually after every rapid.

Marc struggling with his borrowed boat. This time he's actually in his boat.

The Matanuska Glacier.


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