Sunday, October 4, 2009

Six Million Dollar Creek

You can't fault us for not getting after it.

Three months ago, I never would have told you that i'd be floating down Six Mile Creek, all three canyons, in a packraft.

8 of us brave souls, along with another group of 8 crazies, were thirsty for a stoke bump and headed down to Hope, Alaska for some gnarly whitewater.

Although I dont have many pictures, the video tells the tale of the mighty Six Mile. Or as I call it, the Six Million Dollar Creek - named because on the "Staircase" rapid, I had some thrashed gear.

The crew before departing.

The first rapid of the first canyon, "Seventeen Ender". This always got the blood pumping because the consequences are pretty big. You swim the first drop, you swim the entire canyon.The other rapid that was extremely intimidating was "Staircase", at the entrance to the third canyon. I took a small swim lesson at the bottom of this rapid. 2/4 swam this rapid in our group.

The real proof is in the pudding...check out the YouTube video by Marc:


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