Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bird Creek

Folks have been raving about this Ship Creek substitute. So Doc, Big and I headed south on the Seward Highway and checked out the Lower Sanctum of Bird Creek. Its a pretty quick run, with a lot of whitewater excitement packed into a 1/4 mile stretch of river.

After the hike, we put in below "Mushroom", and quickly enter the "Commitment Cauldron", "Elbow Hole", and "Whirly Bird". The most exciting drop is "Center Falls", which is a 10 foot drop into a nice recovery pool. And the upsetting backender is called "Bronco", the last rapid.

Check out the goods:

I took a very nice swim lesson after center falls. Good practice.

The next weekend Marc, JD and I ran Bird Creek again. We streamlined the hike into the run, and made two laps. We saw another group of 4 rafters at the take out.

One of my favorites of the year!


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