Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pacraft Eagle River

After a fairly mellow summer, Sam and I decided to turn up the intensity a little bit with a Pacraft of the Eagle River. Both Sam and I are brand new to pacrafting, but no one could say we weren't ready for anything that the mighty Eagle River threw at us!

Getting ready to step off at the Crow Pass trailhead in Girdwood.
Headed up towards the pass. A lot of people had the same idea as us. We saw 10 novice packrafters, and passed nearly 20 hikers. The token Crow Pass photograph.
Raven Glacier.

Descending the trail to the Raven Gorge Bridge.

Meadow skipping through the Fireweed. As the story goes, once the Fireweed reaches full bloom, we'll have termination dust within 2 weeks.

Huge ass Bull Moose that i walked by. Sam heard him grunt.
This is the next step of our adventure. In the back is Eagle Glacier, headwaters of the river that we are about to raft.
Getting geared up.
Ready to rip - Matt.
Readty to rip - Sam C.
Sam doing his whitewater paddle.
Me getting done knitting my shickers after avoiding a sweeper.
We had to portage a little bit to avoid sweepers and some gravel bars.....oh yeah and dump all the water out of our boats.
Post rafting activities at PM for a PMS (that's Pizza Man for a Pizza Man Special). And some Schooners, also known as Alaska Shot Glasses - the 32 oz type!!
Meg shows her support.


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