Sunday, May 3, 2009

Swiss Bowl

So with the run of awesome weather Anchortown has been having lately, I decided to ride the Tsunami and take a tour back to the South Fork Valley. Prior to this, I had swore off skiing in the front range. Things changed today...

This is the person I was chasing all day long...
I was without my BFF today - both of them. I dropped Meg off at the airport so she could go to Seattle. Lobita is on the Injured Reserve as she nurses a paw injury - a medical hold for the Backcountry Ski Team.
On my skin up. A picture of Mount Spurr way in the distance.

This shot is overlooking the Ship Creek valley.
On my way to my first run. This one doesn't have a name, but I skied this shot a year ago for my 30th birthday celebration. I'm a little early, but Mt. Redoubt had a vote with taking all of our snow away.
Nothing but saucy goodness. A little rotten midslope, but overall skied very nice. I heart spring.

Another look during my bootpack up to the top. I hate bootpacking.

Another angle. Notice the plane in the upper left. This is the second day in a row I was able to get a plane in my photo. See post titled "Whittier Glacier."

The token "i'm getting ready to drop in" shot. This is Swiss Bowl proper.
Turns #1 and #2 - good.
Turns #3 through #15 - not so good.
Turns #15 through exhaustion - off da' sichter, bra.
Butter sauce goodness.
Swiss bowl when I was changing into hiking shoes. Last year I was able to ski all the way to the parking lot. I had to hike the 1.5 miles back to the parking lot.

Viewing tracks laid down on the way out.

I really heart spring corn!!


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