Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mount Baldy...after work

Although it isn't quite time for after work skiing....I dodged out at 'beer 'thirty and headed for a quick shot and took advantage of the twilight (no Meg, no pun intended).
Tonight I observed some of the blue-est skies i've ever seen.
Shown is the Alaska Range, with Denali on the lookers right.

I heard on the radio that Mount Redoubt was seeing some carnage.  Not the case, here she is.

LB eating some white stuff.

Me and my ski partner.

This is pretty much all of Cook Inlet.  The two mountains near the sunset are Redoubt and Iliamna volancoes.

The ridgeline of Arctic Valley.  The tallest peak is Mount Gordon Lyon.

A closer look at Redoubt and Iliamna.

I tried this new camera tripod that Meg bought me.  I have to iron out the kinks.

And I leave you shooting the moon.

Not much skiing, as the conditions were marginal.  I skied the main chute off the southwest aspect of the summit.  It was all about the views, the sunset, and the exercise.


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