Sunday, March 22, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing

I love March snow storms.

Better yet - I love skiing in March snow storms.

Our latest batch of snow brought nearly 24 inches of snow to Turnagain Pass.

Friends Jon, Sam, Kurt, and Mark headed down to the pass for some storm skiing in the trees on Tincan Ridge.

Jon trudges up the skintrack with the group behind him.

Kurt and Sam, with Jack and Jasper close behind make it up after our second run.

Lobita tries to find a route to the bottom. The snow is literally over her head. Crucial to follow our tracks. This is the deepest snow i've skied all year.
Jon drops into the white room. I think I made about 6 turns the whole day. It was all about dropping nice powder pillows.

It finally cleared up a bit. It gives you a perspective on just how much snow was down there.

It was Sam's first day of skiing in the pass and on his new tele setup. I didn't want him to get lost.


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