Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ski Train

Ski Train.....huh?

I know, skiing and riding on a train are not related. However, in Alaska this opportunity ony comes once per year.

Meg and I, and two friends Marc and Gayle, rode the "Ski Train" to Curry. Once a year, the Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol hosts this event where you take the train 4 hours north to Curry, ski for 4 hours, and then return.

Here's the twist....its more drinking than skiing.
Rough Timeline:
0515-Meet at Marc & Gayle's
0600-Load Train in Anchorage
0700-Depart Anchorage
0730-First pour of the Bloody Mary
The rest is history...
Enjoying the early morning sunshine.
The polka band makes its way through the cars to the "Tiki Bar."

Snowshoers, hikers, and skiers make their way up the quarry road. It looks like the Chilkoot Trail. (

Well it was Meg's second day in the backcountry. She's a trooper. A little windy on top, but a great view of the mountains.
Looking at Denali over Curry Ridge.

The group standing in front of the campfire after the ski. L to R: Marc, Gayle, Meg, Matt.

Meg poses next to the train parked in Curry.
Meg and I are shown respecting our Alaskan culture with a "kunik", also known as an "eskimo kiss" - loosely based on a traditional Inuit greeting.


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