Sunday, February 22, 2009

EPIC Powder Day....

So its been nothing but "blue and white" for the whole weekend.

Today was quite possibly the second best powder ski day of the season. Turnagain is pretty hard to beat...

I headed to Hatcher Pass again with friends Sam, Kurt, and Mark - the new guy. Of course there is a 1:1 dog:human ratio with man's bestest friends Lobita, Katie, Jade, Jack, and Jasper.

Kurt, Sam, and Mark on the uptrack. Everyone else below us had the same for fresh tracks.

Lobita sniffing for I mean fresh snow...

Jack ready to huck the cornice.

Hatch Peak with a skier-triggered avalanche that happened on Saturday. It slid for about 600 feet.

Sunnyside (right), and Government Peak (center). Below Government Peak is the "Japanese Headwall."
The backside of "Halibut Tail" all stitched up. We contributed.

Another look at our tracks.

Kurt and the dogs after run #1.

Jack and Jasper silouetted on the ridgeline.

Halibut Tail from a distance.

The Chugach Range in the background. That is the Knik River in the distance on the right.

Sam ripping it up on his snowboard...booh....

Lobita ripping it up.....yeah.....

A shot of the Government Peak amphitheater and drainage.

The bottom of Sunnyside. Put the skins back on.

Taking a break before the final run.

Looking at the entire Eastern Chugach range. What a view... Notice the plane in the center. He buzzed us on the peak. I have seen him before....his pattern must be full.

The white dogs in the white room. Kurt looking like batman on the final descent.

Dog Tired. Everyone asleep except for Lobita. She is pulling 360-degree security.


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