Sunday, January 27, 2013

You don't know, if you don't go...

With clear skies brings cold temps.  I wearily checked the Marmot weather station to find a balmy minus 14.5F temp at the ridgetops.  We put off the dawn patrol to get a later start so it could "warm up".  

After coffee at Jitters, we rallied to the Marmot lot to find lots of sunshine and two stroke.  At least the sno-go's can't high mark on Marmot this year, thanks to the new Hatcher Pass management plan.

It was great to skin in the sun, finally warming up by mid mountain.  But we weren't alone.  About 15 of our friends decided to join the slayfest of Marmot's west face.  But there is always room for everyone - where today we were greeted with good stability and soft plentiful pow.

I invested in some new partners by taking Eagle River locals Gnarly Gnikki and the Cock Doc on their first backcountry outing.  Although it can be slow slogging your first time out, we all had a blast and were glad to make it back to the car for a warm up.

The Cock Doc gets a rise out of his new DPS Wailer skis.
 Gnarly Gnikki shows her man how its done (yes this Girdwood native skis better than him...)
And then we warmed up at the Fishhook bar.  Interesting place...they even had their Valentine decorations already up.

Might be a bit before the next update.  Cabin weekend and then I get to serve this great State!

Oh yeah, in other Alaska news Lonnie Dupre bailed on his third solo winter attempt of Denali.  Good work and climb on!


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