Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Air Time at Pete's North

For day #2 of the season we tried to get away from the crowds at Pete's North.  B-real and Meesh rallied while the girls met for lunch, to find soft snow in the trees and only a couple of our closest friends.  

When I was a teenager I could huck cliffs.  But my knees can't take that kind of abuse anymore.  Myself and dogface have no problem taking pics.

The 12 year old hucking his meat.  He weighs about 75 pounds soaking wet.  I actually think he's levitating.
 Mitch goes huge.  Seconds later he double decks it.
Although the approach can be difficult, it was worth the climbing through the brush and rain crust to find great powder, lots of meadows and no one boot packing on the uptrack.

And to think that 5 years ago to the day I stood witness to one of the scariest moments in my backcountry skiing career (which was very short back then - and still is!).  See the accident report from the Sunburst avalanche.  Ski safe!


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