Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Uptrack now has Stairs?!?!

I was lurking Lou Dawson's blog today, and he had a sticker that said "I ski uphill".  Now why the hell didn't I think of that....

But in my cabin news, we have stairs.  I no longer have to clamor up a fiberglass extension ladder to reach the loft.  I was worried that dogface would have a rough adjustment to using the log staircase, but she got after it.  Especially when she crashes on the MHW -40F "Ghost".

The other kind of Uptrack...
We've made decent progress in the past weeks.  I had my rough-in inspection for mechanical/electrical, and now have drywall hung and taped, slate tile set in the bathroom and entry, and the hearth finished.

There is a lot going on  here.  The Shrink chills in front of the Blaze King (or queen...) while LB takes a power nap.  All river rock was harvested from Montana Creek.
Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend we'll be installing our 3rd grade Oak hardwood flooring.  I hope to have some good picture updates of the tile and hardwood.

Too bad we don't have any snow.  I'd like to go skiing soon.  Maybe my first tracks'll be at the cabin!


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