Friday, January 18, 2013

First Turns (part deux)

I took the day off and took advantage of fresh snow throughout southcentral.  Snow totals seemed to be in the 10-12" range in the Peters Creek/Eagle River valleys, but we decided to tour around Hatcher Pass.  It paid off, as the low cloud and fog cover seemed to lurk around the western Chugach for most of the day.  We were greeted with clear skies, cold temps and crown faces.

But skiing is skiing, and for my first turns of the '12-'13 season I joined Mitch, Eddie, Brian and Abe for some mellow shots above the Independence mine and lower slopes of Gold Cord.

Mitch Hatches the Uptrack.

Despite seeing some serious carnage, the ~5-6" of new snow was just enough to make it worthwhile.  A nasty crust was evident from this past weekends "atmospheric river."

Tomorrow is a newb day, as i'll be kickin' it with the Cock Doc and Gnarly Gnicki.

It's good to be back on the snow.....I belong here.


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