Sunday, February 7, 2010


Well, not quite.  I skied my local Eagle River favorite with my local favorite ski dog - Lobita.  We had received about 8" of fresh snow in the ER, but I would say there was about 12" of blower powder in the bowl.  I was presently surprised, and would almost say that was the deepest snow i'd skied in North Bowl.

Making my way up the ridge.  Wind buffed powder.  It's usually scoured up here, what a nice surprise.  Dogface getting after it...
Looks like someone tracked up Three Bowls.  My guess would be JT.
The everpresent cornice on the ridge.  Anchorage in the background.
Trying to get this new tripod thing working.  Its getting better.
 I think i've posted this picture before.  About half way down for my rest break.  Lots of face shots to go around.
Sorry for the flat light.  A look at my run.  I made about one thousand butt-wiggle Suzy Chapstick turns all the way to the valley was that good.
While skinning back up to the saddle, I ran into this dude who lives at the base of the South Fork Trailhead.  We noticed a skier triggered avalanche on a chute on the east side of Highland Road, a run locally known as "Leighow".
It ran for about 1800 feet.  I saw a ski party of 4 ascending the gully and thinking that they are going to get themselves in some trouble.  And they did...
This entry wouldn't be complete with a parting shot of The Shrink ripping up some freshies at the resort!
By the way.  The actual name "Superbowl" is a run in Turnagain Pass that was named on this day by Eric the Viking.  That's your little known Alaska backcountry skiing fact.

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