Saturday, January 30, 2010


I got a chance to explore some new terrain in Turnagain Pass with Jon and Jenna.

Last weekend it was mobbed in the pass with all the Anchorage Ants, but surprisingly we had the entire mountain to ourselves, didn't see another ski party!

We hit the Lipps turnout, and started skinning up the death crust.  There were warm temps and rain in the pass up to about 1700 feet.

The good sled dog, Kijik.  Digging herself a snowpit, and conducting a DCT (Dog Compression Test).  Results: NF.
Jon and Jenna on the Uptrack.
Looking across the highway at the sunnyside.  I've called this Big Chief, but I heard otherwise recently.
Arriving at our destination.  Looking across Bertha Creek at Cornbiscuit.  Notice the skier-triggered avalanche on the ribs to lookers right, about 1/4 the way down.
Team Icelantic.  It helps to know somebody who knows somebody...
Jenna ripping it up.
Jon with a nice rooster tail.
Jenna enjoying the sun on south aspects.
LB being chased by mad crazed powder skiers.  Hurry up dogface!
Jon basking in the sun on our way to our third run of the day.  Still no sightings of other skiers.
I couldn't really tell what this peak was way in the Eastern Chugach.  Any takers?
Riding the spine.
Riding the breakable crust.
Should we ski this?  Jon and Jenna debating which route to take.
And the answer is.....absolutely!  Jenna dropping into this 38-40 degree face and giving some Lipps service!  Best snow of the day.
Jon getting kissed by Lipps.
Terrian wise, one of the best days of the year.  Powder wise, you can't beat cold smoke hero snow on Eddies.

One of my favorite views.  Alpenglow shining on Carpathian.  Add that one to the wishlist.


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