Monday, January 25, 2010

Ram Valley & Peak 5320

While touring on Saturday afternoon, I scoped out the goods from atop Harp Mountain.  I looked far and wide across the North Fork of Eagle River and saw many untracked peaks in Ram Valley.  In particular, this one:

I called up my ski partner Justin and we headed out Eagle River Road to the quasi-trailhead parking.  When you think of looooong day tours, this one certainly makes the list.  We walked for 4 1/2 hours before reaching the top.  But it was worth it.

Looking back down the valley.  Eagle Peak and Polar Bear Peak making themselves known.

Our destination...untracked.  This is basically on the backside slopes of Mount Significant.  This was a significant challenge getting back here.  From this point, we still had to gain over 1500 feet of elevation!

Making my way up to the peak.  Taking a break, and looking at the view.

These couloirs look amazing and very inviting.  Two "braggin' rights" chutes off of the top of Raina Peak.

JD headed up the knife-edge ridge to the summit.  This would require a tad bit of boot packing.

I never get sick of this view.  The Great One.

Finishing the final ascent with the Alaska Range in the background.

The clouds moved in a little bit, and it was getting dark...quickly.  Justin and LB enjoying the down.

Check out the video of the nice Chugach Front Range goods:

Inspecting our tracks in the evening alpenglow. (upper right to lower left)

The sunset on the way back to the truck.  Meadow skipping is fun...

Here is an overview of our route.  Red is shown for climbing, and blue is shown for our ski descent.

Trip Totals:
6.5 hours round trip.
7.6 miles walked

5100 feet of vertical gained.
3 moose sighted.
2 Winter Ale's consumed at mission complete.  Sorry, no Pizza Man.


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Nice work, Matt.

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