Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Weathered In"

The term "weathered in" in mountain terms would be like sitting in a tent for days on end waiting for a storm to pass.  The term "weathered in" when it comes to construction means that you are ready for winter.  No chance of the elements effecting your inside operations, the exterior envelope is all buttoned up, and its time to fire up the heater (or the wood stove in our case).

I think this picture shows a good perspective on the inside of our Log Mahal.  We've been sanding logs since Labor Day, and have abused 10 friends in the process!  By the end of the Columbus Day weekend, our log builder finished the chinking and the Shrink and I finished the cleaning/vacuuming of the logs and applying a coat of interior log stain.

This weekend will be some final interior framing, mechanical rough-in and electrical rough-in.  Hopefully i'll have some pics of the mechanical room for you mechy geeks!


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