Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Flooding, First Snow and Cabin Construction

It't been a quick minute since this place has seen any updates.  We've been going like gang busters at the cabin trying to get everything buttoned up for winter.  All the family has left, so the Shrink and I have been putting a lot of "sweat equity".

Major features of work have consisted of doors and windows, sanding, metal roof and drain/waste/vent.

Here are a couple of pics to bring you up to speed:

Shut the side door.
Shut the front door.
Aaah sanding!  I've been sanding the interior logs since Labor Day.  But I guess you have to put the time in to make it right; this is what everyone will see when they walk into your cabin.
This is what it did for about 2 months.  Rain.  Heavy flooding on the rivers in the Mat-Su valley made for some interesting times.  The swollen rivers approached record stage on the Willow, Montana and Talkeetna Rivers.

This was taken last weekend.  Metal roof is on; stove is in so we have heat, firewood is stacked.  Chinking will start this week so we'll be officially set for winter.  Staining the interior logs will happen over Columbus Day weekend.  Shortly thereafter I will finish the mechanical and electrical and be ready for my rough-in inspection.

My View!  This makes all the hard work worth it.
Meg enjoys the moonlit night.  Ursa Major watches over the Alaska Range and the Great One...Denali.  LB watches over the Shrink.
Stay tuned as we wrap things up and head into winter.  Expect less frequent "stoke" as the ski season is upon us.  Don't worry....this is a different type of stoke, and the winters are long up here.  That's what March is for.


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