Saturday, April 28, 2012

Site Summit Couloirs

I spent the last two nights searching for the goods in a popular backcountry ski destination at the top of Arctic Valley road.  Folks from South Anchorage call Peak 3 their home; people from Eagle River call places like North Bowl, Harp and Arctic Valley their home.

We made quick time past the Nike Missile silo and searched for our line that we had recce'd earlier while skiing Gordon Lyon.  The weather was splitter, no wind and bluebird; perfect day to enjoy a Silver Bullet and enjoy the panoramic views which encompassed the Talkeetna's, Alaska Range, the Revelations, Tordrillo's, Chigmits and Neocola's - pretty impressive view.

We chose a nice open bowl.  The corn on the bottom was perfect - in the midst of winter we'd call this "hero snow".  But you really can't ski powder in shorts...
The Lone Ranger.  Lobita decided to have a meltdown and didn't follow me.  B-real had to ratchet down her collar and give her a swift kick in her fourth point of contact.  All was good once she dropped in.
 A little bootpack never hurt anyone.  Up and over the saddle for a late evening corn run back to the truck.
With fear of low pressure and rain for the weekend, we rallied again on Friday night for a quick trip to snag a couloir that we had eyed the night before.  We were a little late as the clouds rolled in, winds ramped up, and yes..... it was snowing sideways.

Tyler contemplating his entrance.
Justin jump-turning down the throat of the Site Summit Couloir.  The apron was much nicer and softer - perfect afternoon corn. (and yes that's a snow squall moving past us!)
The shenanigans that ensued would be best discussed over a beer - preferably with cheese fries at the Eagle River Ale House.  All i'll say is that it involved a missing ski, self arrests, trading ski poles and a little bit of skiing and bootpacking!

Enjoy the corn... it'll be around for a while.


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