Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Powder

It's kind of ironic...i'm sitting here in Vicksburg, Mississippi as I write this blog post.  Except for when I have to work on the weekends, the skiing has been splendid.  I've actually heard that this is the best skiing to memory for some, and it won't be "this" good until 20-30 years down the road!  I hope that isn't true - summer sucks and I have an immense passion for skiing.

Our after work ski destinations have proved great skiing in North Bowl, the north facing shots off of Magnificent, and Gordon Lyon.  Not to mention Marc and I's tour back to Friendship Pass - and we recce'd a nice dark cold powder shot called "Black Prospect". Notice the views of Denali in the background on the ridge.
Marc mining his own prospect.
We were able to ski Gordon Lyon twice in the past weeks.  Last Thursday there were a total of eleven people who arrived for the shredfest.  Kinda felt like Peak 3.

Tyler gains access to the goods.
The seldom seen author getting his...
A lot of to-do lists have been getting checked off this year: Pioneer, Eagle and probably a ton of other peaks that I don't hear about.  And many more, we'll be skiing good snow until May!

Ski safe!

Oh yeah... the CrossFit Games Open 2012 has come to a close.  I hurt my back about 2 weeks ago after the Tour of Anchorage, so i missed workouts 12.3 and 12.4.  I managed to squeak out 66 reps for WOD 12.5 - 110# Thrusters and Chest-to-Bar pullups.


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