Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Other Twin Peaks

I decided to head off the beaten path a bit out towards the Valley.  Usually I take that route to explore the granite spires of Hatcher Pass, but this time deviated towards the Old Glenn Highway with valley local Mitch.

The saddle between East and West Twin Peaks was the destination (the obvious low point in the center of this photo).
We didn't make the best terrain decision, as the back side of this skin track required us to descend about 300 vertical feet that had been baking in the sun all day.  We lived to ski another day.  We did see some other tracks over near POW/MIA, which appear to be these guys.

The approach and ski back to the truck was one of the worst i've experienced.  Alders and Devils Club as thick as thieves.  Made the beers back at the truck taste extra good!

Things will slow down here a bit.  Working next weekend, playing the last weekend in April, and then working again for my 15 days of mandatory fun!  Then we head to the Gulkana for Memorial Day, followed by the real work - building a cabin!

Until next time.  I'm still picking Devils Club out of my arms and legs...

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