Sunday, January 22, 2012

Get Educated

The last day of high pressure was just like the last 10.  Cold (-26F in Portage), clear and light wind.  I met Josh at Ingram Creek and we decided to get our learn on in The Library.  We also grabbed Brian as they headed back to Anchorage due to -22F temps at the Twin Peaks trailhead.

The Librarian looking for a good novel.
There have been some quite impressive lines skied in the far reaches of Turnagain Pass.  Like these, on the south face of Wolverine and Eddie's.  Somebody really got after the back bowl's at the end of Eddie's ridge.

Brian does his homework (that's funny because he's an Engrish teacher!).
Josh taking the final exam after an all-night cram session!
Sorry for all of the school/library references - it was funny at the time.  Stability has been bomber and a lot of great skiing was had.  But the low pressure has deposited a nice refresh to the Kenai Mountains - we'll have to wait and see how everything flushes out.

In other news, this guy showed up and was ready to shred Tincan.....literally.

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