Tuesday, January 17, 2012

High Pressure and High Lines

We returned from Maui to temps well below zero, and fresh snow.  Not to mention the hurricane that produced 100mph winds throughout SCAK.

I took a quick conditions check tour to Hatcher Pass, and battled my way up through the avalanche laboratory (ie. the west face of Marmot where the snowmachiners were highmarking above me and snowboarders riding three at a time).  I got well out of their way on the ridge top.  Views were nice to the east near The Presidents.
I chose the last prominent rib on West Marmot.  It was a decent 3" of light powder on a super stable base.
 I didn't ski solo (house rules), my new sock monkey was watching my six...
On MLK day I rallied with the Page brothers and Whittier local Josh to ski some lines in the Pass.  We chose some thrilling lines on southfacing Cornbiscuit that were well worth the climb.  Two weeks of drinking beer and eating good food does nothing for your mountain fitness.

Chris slaying the blue and white!

 The Snobomb showing us how its done.
 Josh is glad he kept his AT setup.
The highlight of the day was watching this group of five go huge on Goldpan; with one rider almost rag-dolling over a rockband after getting knocked off his feet by the sluff.
Sluff Management is the name of the game.  Ski fast, take chances!

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Blogger Snowbomb500 said...

Hawaii and Alaska, you're living the dream Matt.

January 18, 2012 at 10:11 PM  

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