Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lipps Service

Not much to say here.  The pictures pretty much say it all.  I skied Lipps today with Josh under clear and cold skies, calm wind, and another day of epic cold smoke.

Cold Smoke (n.): originates in dry clouds whose temperatures hover around five (5) degrees. The frigid conditions permit the growth of "Stellar Crystals", as they are known to scientists. The lack of humidity allows the flakes to escape the cloud without a heavy coating of frost. When these flakes arrive on Earth on a windless day, they stack up so tall and delicate on fence posts and ski slopes that their mass is about ninety eight (98%) percent air. This is known as two (2%) percent snow or ....COLD SMOKE!

As we were walking back to the parking turnout, we looked overhead and saw a CPG helicopter returning to its Girdwood base.  As much I would've loved to have been on that bird, I was happy to know that I earned my turns, skied nearly 4000' of vertical...and it only cost me a tank of gas.

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