Thursday, December 23, 2010


I'm back in the Lower 48 for nearly a month.  That means nearly a month without skiing the steep and deep powder of the Chugach, Kenai's, or Talkeetna's.  I think I now have two addictions - skiing and Crossfit.  What is Crossfit you say?  Follow the link and check it out.  I'll never go back to a gym and do a "Monday-chest; Tuesday- back/bi; etc" workout again.

During my 10 day stint in Ohio, I've managed to get after 8 Crossfit workouts.  Kyle from Crossfit Energy in Bath, Ohio has got this dialed in.  I checked out his gym, which is only 10 minutes from the family's house.  From the first hellacious workout to the next, I became addicted.  He even gave me a 20% discount for serving my country!

Kyle's got all of the equipment to make a successful xfit gym: kettle bells, pull-up bars, Concept 2 rowing machines, bumper weights plates, jump ropes, climbing weights, medicine balls.

The ever so critical white board.  "Mignon" was my first workout. 
Crossfitter's become all too familiar with these.  The Kettle Bell.  Known most for the Kettle Bell Swing.
Some overall pics of the CFE gym after today's 12:00 WOD (Workout Of the Day)
Kyle keeps a pretty tight website update of the WOD's and some of his other programs.  You can check out one of the daily workouts here.  I've learned some new exercises such as Pistol Squats, and some new techniques for Knees-to-Elbows, and the GHD sit-up.  Pretty much every muscle in my body is sore.  But that is the only way i'd get to play beer pong, and eat at Swenson's,Chic-fil-a, and On Tap, which we don't have in Alaska.

Mad props to Kyle and the folks at Crossfit Energy who boast "you can breathe later".  Thanks for the good workouts.  They definitely did not "Bring it Weak."  Also be sure to check out our local xfit gym at Hanger 5.

Next we drive to the CNY for Christmas and then some skiing - East Coast style.  Hopefully our adventures will take Pat and I to the Adirondacks and northern Vermont for some backcountry and "side country" skiing.

Until next time.....Pump 'til You Puke!!!

**  And if you're on leave like me, here is a stoke bump.  Check out this video of these kiter's in Utah.  This footage is epic and amazing.

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