Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tincan Trees

I headed to Turnagain today with local ER skier Eric.  There was about 2-3" in my driveway, but CNFAIC reports boasted only about 1" down south.

The tour was pleasantly surprising.  Based on my previous observations from Eddie's and Magnum, I knew the higher elevation terrain was wind scoured.  We decided on some mellow tree shots to the lookers left of the main Tincan drainage.

We made a total of 4 shorter laps and found fresh untracked snow on each run.  The dogs enjoyed themselves, and LB got back on the saddle.

Eric tries to sieze what he can Sees.

I must say that there were some nice lines in the evening alpenglow on the Sunnyside.  Lobita surveys the way back to the truck.
This was a pic from Tuesday's tour to ski PMS Bowl.  I met Jon and Jenna, with Kijik, Chili and Hannah in close proximity.
I depart Los Anchorage tonight for Hawaii to meet Meg.  I hope we get mad snow when I return.

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Blogger Snowbomb500 said...

Turnagain Pass did get some new snow Matt. On top of those potato chips.
Artic Valley Ski Area might open this weekend.

January 25, 2011 at 1:27 PM  

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