Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I just downloaded pics from our excursion to Arctic Valley Ski Area, or formerly known as Alpenglow.  I prefer Alpenglow, as this jives with their bar....Afterglow.  I had mentioned in previous posts that we had a spell of warm weather and less than ideal snow conditions.  We skied about a half dozen runs on a styrofoam crust.

Overlooking the origin of this ski area - Arctic Valley.  The flat peak over Meg's head is my local favorite powder stash, North Bowl.  NO friends on powder days.

Meg in perfect form: knees bent, shoulders perpendicular to the fall line, weight forward...  Tequila Bowl and Center Bowl in the background.

Wassup with the poles?
Meg with Anchortown in the backdrop.
Before we left, I talked to my Dad on the phone and he said, "keep your tips up!!"  This one's for you LJ!
Meg ready to hit the Afterglow...or maybe bloody mary's at Orso...or maybe schooner's at Pizza Man - so many choices!

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