Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The SoFo

I bolted out of work at quittin' time to get some stoke in the South Fork of Eagle River area, or the SoFo as its known. It was just me and Dogface getting after it. Well I was getting after it, she was shivering the whole time...

Paws up, sitting down. Next is the fetal position.

Anchortown backlit by the sunset. Days are getting longer. That is the Tordrillo Mountain range in the background.

My skin track with Eagle River in the background.

This is North Bowl proper. Most people ski from the "lookers right" portion of the bowl.

Our famous volcano, Mount Redoubt. Although not spewing ash just yet. On the left is the cornice that is built up on top of the bowl.

Another popular "road run." On the left is Harp Mountain, and its drainage. On the left is Links, divided by the main spur that juts out.

Tracks down the bowl with LB close behind.

A shot looking north. You can see Denali (right) and Foraker (left) peaking out that have the alpenglow hitting them just right.

A view to the southeast. The small bowl to the front center is "Swiss Bowl."

I pretty much froze my ass off. It was -9 F by the time I got back to the truck at the trailhead. Lobita head a rough day and she was pretty chilly. She deserved a ride in the cab with me.
It was an awesome sunset, and I got to enjoy it by myself!! (and Dogface)


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