Monday, November 3, 2008

Skyscraper Peak and Eldorado Bowl

The weather has been perfect for the last week in Southcentral Alaska. Clear and cold.

Me, Lobita, and Chris head up the uptrack.

Denali looms over the low cloud cover. With bomber safe ski conditions on Saturday, we headed up to Eldorado Bowl and then to Skyscraper Peak for some nice fresh powder on northern aspects. The snow in the bowl was protected from the recent wind effected snow of our Sunday destination of Hatch Peak and April Bowl.

After two runs in Eldorado Bowl, we headed off the "sunny side" and down towards the road that goes up to Hatcher Pass. The snow at the top was perfect, but quickly turned to a sun crust and "cliffed out". We had to gingerly make our way to the bottom through the rocks and thin cover. It was worth it.

On Sunday we toured up to April Bowl, but the snow was not too good. Very wind hammered and punchy. After a big day on Saturday, it was only two runs and down to the A-Frame for soup and beer.

Looking out towards Government Peak and the rest of the Chugach Mountains. The possibilities of lines are endless.....

Alpenglow sets on the peaks behind the Gold-Mint Trailhead in Hatcher's Pass.


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Matt, those are nice photos of Chris skiing.

November 12, 2008 at 2:12 PM  

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