Monday, October 20, 2008

April Bowl in October...


Bluebird day....check!
Fresh powder.....check!!

Nuff said??? I ditched work half day on Friday to ski "April Bowl" up in Hatcher's Pass. Although many don't realize it, you can view the Alaska Range and the peaks surrounding Denali right from Anchorage.

This is another pic looking back towards Anchorage and the Chugach Mountains, or the "front range" as its usually called. In the foreground is the peaks surrounding Hatch Peak and Government Peak (farthest large peak in the mountains up close).

While everyone was at work, I got to drop into this nice pocket of snow....enjoy!!!

I do all the hard work, and Lobita just follows my tracks when it gets deep.

On the way down to the road that leads to the actual Hatcher's Pass. This is the bottom half of Hatch Peak.

Because the skiing was so good, good as in calf-deep powder, I headed back to Hatch Peak and April Bowl on Saturday for some more fresh turns and steep lines. This is a pic of my line down a steep little couloir in April Bowl. [A couloir (from the French word meaning "passage" or "corridor,") is a deep gorge or gully formation found on the side of a mountain. These physical features make the use couloirs popular for both skiing and mountaineering.]

Friends Jon and Jessica getting ready to drop into the bowl.

Putting the climbing skins back on and quickly chugging a Red Bull for another run.

Probably the best shot of April Bowl. I skied the "coolie" on the "lookers right" of this picture.

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