Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pyramid Peak

Although the weather wasn't bluebird, I took off today for some backcountry skiing with my buddy Scott, also infamously known as the Token Fat Guy. Not so fat, but he hauls ass up the mountain leaving me gasping.

We toured up to Pyramid Peak, which looks like a giant pyramid from the Girdwood Tesoro, and has some pretty steep slopes on the north and west aspects.

Looking east towards the Prince William Sound.
The massive peak center mass of this photo is Carpathian, with the box-looking top. It gets skied a few times per year.

Lobita searches for my ski partner.
Scott nears the summit of Pyramid Peak, at 3,378 feet. We gain almost 3000 vertical feet. as we start almost from sea level.
A rare view from the other side of the Turnagain Arm. Shown is the Seward Highway, Orca Mtn, Max's Mtn, and Mount Alyeska. Notice the sea ice on the arm.

No pictures of the snow as it was breakable crust from being wind effected on the south aspect of Pyramid.


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