Monday, November 17, 2008

North Bowl

Its not what it seems....

Weather in Anchorage: heavy, thick, grey fog. Similar to being inside a golf ball.
Weather at the South Fork, Eagle River trailhead: Clear, cold, and the sun setting rather quickly.
Looking back north towards Eagle River proper. Notice the thick layer of fog in the valley,and the Alpenglow setting on the mountains.
Samuel-son snowshoes up the skin track. I have to do all the hard work...

Looking into Anchorage and the Cook Inlet. All the Anchoragonians are stuck in their house and i'm on top of the clouds...literally.

Another look at Anchorage. The body of water beyond is the Cook Inlet, which drains into the Gulf of Alaska and feeds both the Knik Arm and the Turnagain Arm. The mountain range in the far background is the Tordrillo Mountains (R) and the Neacola Mountains (L).

Sadly to say, I have no pics of us skiing. By the time we gained the ridge, took skins off, and geared up, it was pretty much dark. We signaled each other by headlamp and it was survival skiing for the last half of the run. The top 1500 feet was awesome. Nice light Chugach powder!

And of course the reward was a cold can of Coors Light!


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